Glenwood Life Center

MISSION - A Communal Place for Spirituality, Wellness, The Arts, and Understanding

Glenwood Life Center (GLC), slowly organically growing since October 2015, is a unique space, honoring its past, by resurrecting a communal refuge from home and work, a "Third Pace" to connect and belong. A nonsectarian, intergenerational place to build intentional, collaborative community. Come attend, organize, lead or host meetings, performances, exhibits, workshops, social or professional networking, private gatherings, or public events. Need a place for a wedding, a big family party, a community meeting, a group to gather, to teach, to learn, to create, to perform, to fail, to have important conversations, to display and share your talent, to seek support, to laugh, to cry, to understand about others not like you... come talk to us on September 28. Find out how to volunteer and/or use our unique spaces! Click on the menu above to get more familiar with GLC.  You can also follow Glenwood Life Center on Facebook. 

Contact: Bryce Elliott - Community Relations Director  Phone: 516- 399-2575  Email:


Willing Hearts, Helpful Hands

Mission - To improve the quality of life for family caregivers of older adult loved ones by engaging the broader community to provide assistance and respite services.

Willing Hearts, Helpful Hands is an innovative community program serving family caregivers in Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties by connecting caregivers with a circle of help that includes trained volunteers who provide an array of respite services. Our well-trained volunteers provide family caregivers of older adults with the time to meet self-care needs, as well as other family obligations, at no cost. Without help in the daily tasks of care-giving, the risk to a caregiver's health and well being is as real as it is to their loved one. You can also follow Willing Hearts, Helpful Hands on Facebook. 

The program is offered by Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation, in cooperation with partnering community organizations, and is funded in part by a grant from the New York State Department of Health.

Contact: Kathleeen Fitzgibbons - Program Director  Phone: 718-289-2159  Email:


Glen Cove Senior Center

Mission - Dedicated to enriching the lives of senior citizens in the City of Glen Cove, Glen Head, Glenwood Landing, the Village of Sea Cliff and surrounding Nassau County communities.

Our dedicated staff and extraordinary volunteers plan, develop and coordinate programs and services for older residents in Glen Cove and its surrounding communities. For more than three decades the Glen Cove Senior Center has offered opportunities, adventures and assistance in meeting the challenges of aging to senior citizens 60 years of age and over. What makes our Center unique is the energy of hundreds of seniors’ spirits and the diverse continuum of care we provide for the active senior as well as the senior with special needs who benefits from our Adult Day Program and Friendly Visiting Services. You can also follow The Glen Cove Senior Center on Facebook. 

Contact: Laurie Huenteo - Volunteer Coordinator Phone: 516- 759-9610  Email:


Bridging Kids Integrated Play Groups

Mission - Connecting special needs and typically developing kids, building friendships, and embracing differences as well as providing social opportunities for parents in a safe space through art, music, yoga, open play and other activities.

Our Founder, Lisa Wolff, established Bridging Kids Integrated Playgroups, Inc.  after searching for a socialization group for her 4 year old daughter, whom is on the autism spectrum and has other developmental delays/diagnosis'. She quickly realized that groups didn't exist for her age range, and none existed that were integrated. As you may or may not... know, socialization is critical for special needs kids in and outside of school. We offer the ONLY integrated groups for special needs kids, typically developing kids, and their families in the New York area (and potentially further). The idea behind making it "integrated" is so special needs kids learn from peer modeling, "typical" kids learn acceptance and tolerance, and everyone has fun. The group is also intended for parents to have a place to meet, socialize, support one another, talk about therapy, schools, IEP'S, evaluations - everything that special needs parents go through which can be very stressful at times.

We are blessed to have volunteers that help with the non profit that include special ed teachers and college students who are obtaining degrees in early childhood education/special education. The playgroups have grown incredibly fast and we have already been approached about expanding the groups to other locations in Long Island. The programs are as low cost as possible to the families because quite often special needs families need to pay out of pocket for other services, additional therapies, medical expenses, support devices, etc., that are not covered under insurance. You can also follow Bridging Kids Integrated Paygroups on Facebook. 

Contact: Lisa Wolff - Founder Phone: 516- 373-8660  Email:

Guardian Angel Family Crisis Center

Mission - Meet the immediate needs of women who have lost control of their lives, who are struggling to raise their children, and/or have been shipwrecked by economic or marital hardship.

In December of 2008 Guardian Angel Child became a resale boutique, selling new and gently used children’s clothing. The community supported us with their donations, shopping and volunteer efforts. Additionally, other local agencies collaborated in an effort to reach out to women in need.

Guardian Angel Family Crisis Center works directly with the women, families, and service providers to ease the hardships they face. Offering temporary housing, free emergency food and clothing, and support and education programs, Guardian Angel Family provides a bridge from crisis to confidence. We invite the lonely and troubled into a safe haven where they can find support for their families. Women and children in need are the most vulnerable among us. Guardian Angel Family offers them practical help. There are many ways you can help us provide a bridge to independence for women and families in crisis. Volunteer your time by working at the store to provide support for women of all ages and their families. Click to download the Guardian Angel Family's Brochure

Contact: Barbara Costello - Founder Phone: 516-277-1068  Email:


Here to Help Military and Families

Mission -  A non-profit to help provide free and confidential mental health counseling for post 9/11, military, and their families living on Long Island.

We are "Here to Help..." for as long as it takes. We offer individual therapy, couples counseling, and family therapy. All services are free and conducted confidentially in the private offices of our licensed clinicians across Long Island.

Please contact if a Veteran or their family member dealing with difficulty transitioning to life at home, experiencing anger, irritability, guilt, depression, emotional numbness, nightmares, and sleeplessness, difficulty adjusting to work or school, strained relationships with others, you are self medicating with drugs and/or alcohol, worried or overwhelmed about your relationships with loved ones, your kids are angry, scared, acting out in school, or having trouble sleeping, or your dealing with the grief of losing a loved one. Services are available to active and discharged military from branches of the Armed Forces and Reserves regardless of discharge status.

Here to Help Military and Families is also looking for volunteer therapistsas well as others, for outreach and special retreats. Please call or email using the contact below if you would like an application to volunteer.

Contact: Irene Dawson  Phone: 631-602-0075 Email:

Healing Headbands Banner2

Healing Headbands

Mission - Our purpose is to inspire others to develop a healing mindset by integrating laughter with art. "Wear your happiness!"

Healing Headbands Project is a nonprofit organization based in New York. Our core program helps healing communities realize their full potential through laughter exercises that awaken the creative mind. We then encourage participants to express themselves and capture this high moment achieved through laughter with the art painting. Their final product is custom printed on special soft UV protected fabric, which is then sewn into headbands. The headbands are then packaged and delivered with love. Our goal is to build a positive foundation of joy expressing to others that with it we hold the power to heal. This headband is now a healing headband and is daily reminder that happiness is a state of mind.

We have reached several communities with the Healing Headbands Project and have received a growing number of requests to integrate the project into schools, hospitals and organizations. We are ready to make this happen and to scale our work to a larger audience. Our need is to train volunteer leaders that embody the ethos of our mission to share our world healing project. You can also follow Healing Headbands on Facebook. 

Contact: Joan Acolla - Cofounder Phone: 516- 606-7022  Email:



Mission -  Increase opportunity for Young Adults, aged 16 though 26, by providing a resource to allow this age group to find their true passion in life.

Youthire seeks to connect communities with local Young Adults in four strategic areas: Traditional Employment, Internships, Volunteer Projects and Odd-Jobs.  Youthire provides the platform for Young Adults to gain confidence in their abilities, reach an informed decision about their personal life direction, and learn valuable life lessons related to work ethic, personal responsibility, and giving back to the community.

Youthire partners with school districts, civic, non-profit and governmental organizations, and local businesses to help provide opportunities, large or small, to promote:

  • Personal growth, pride and accomplishment.
  • Well rounded citizens open to civic duty, integrity, work ethic, responsibility, and accountability.
  • A variety of work environments to discover a young person's true passion(s) in life.
  • Community relations and interpersonal communication skills
  • Ongoing service and groeth opportunities through Youthire Ambassadorships, Mentors and Trainers.
  • Building an online, tangible resume and portfolio of experience.

You can also follow Youthire on Facebook. 

Contact: Tom Cerna - Founder Phone: 917-208-7716  Email:



She Leads Media

Mission - Provide exceptional content for women entrepreneurs and leaders

She Leads Media is a media company that offers women entrepreneurs and leaders the tools, resources, relationship building and inspiration needed to effectively thrive as leaders - both professionally and personally.

Throughout the year, She Leads hosts an annual conference, along with smaller events and workshops that provide practical, actionable advice, tips, tools, resources and relationship building. We also offer content and resources from partners that we feel is of value to our audience. She Leads is seeking volunteers for a variety of tasks to help coordinate the annual conference in October. You can also follow She Leads Media on Facebook. 

Contact: Adrienne Garland - Founder Phone: 516-776-8569  Email:


Operation Christmas Child Sea Cliff

Mission - Demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way to children in need around the world.

At Operation Christmas Child of Sea Cliff, volunteers collect items all year to fill the shoeboxes at our annual Community Packing Party. This year it will be held on November 11th, 2017 at 3:00pm at The United Methodist Church of Sea Cliff at 63 Downing Ave.

Operation Christmas Child is a project of Samaritan’s Purse, an international Christian relief and evangelism organization headed by Franklin Graham. The mission of Operation Christmas Child is to demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way to children in need around the world, and together with the local church worldwide, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Since 1993, Operation Christmas Child has collected and delivered more than 146 million gift-filled shoeboxes to children in more than 150 countries and territories. For many of these children, the gift-filled shoebox is the first gift they have ever received. To find out more visit You can visit  Operation Christmas Child Sea Cliff on Facebook

Contact: Bonnie Watkins  Phone: 516-671-1847  Email: