In an increasingly frantic and polarized world, the Glenwood Life Center will be a positive and engaging environment, from home and work, to create intentional, collaborative, and life-giving community. GLC seeks entrepreneurs, teachers, artists, coaches, practitioners, musicians, all ages, professionals, non-profits, neighbors, families... people "ready" to share their talents and passions for the benefit of others. A community, where diversity intersects with understanding, through co-working, forums, workshops, events, social and professional networking, meetups, gatherings, parties, lessons, and live performances. GLC, a communal place for Spirituality, Wellness, The Arts, and Understanding, encourages a healthier and more compassionate North Shore.


A place for contemplation, education, and practice, regardless of one’s faith, to counteract ignorance and fear. Discerning faith today, in collaboration with ALL of God’s people, rooted in tolerance and understanding of those different than ourselves.


A place that showcases, fosters, and appreciates excellence in the Arts via different medium. Stimulates and challenges individuals, to gain a new awareness and richer appreciation of the Arts, in a unique environment which artists, local community, and the wider public can interact.


A place to grow, personally and professionally, and cultivate physical and mental healing, recovery, and wholeness. Harnessing the talents and passions of the community to offer individual practices and educational speakers, seminars, support, and events.


A place of intersection, creating a culture of caring, by casting a vision of shalom, peace. Exploring culture, diversity, cooperation, and unity. Community driven to organically grow personal awareness, accountability, perseverance, and vulnerability related to others and their cultural context.

Join your vision and passions with GLC!

What can we be and do together?