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Reaching back to 1872, when “Glenwood Landing was then just what its name implies, a few houses and a good dock,Glenwood Presbyterian Church provided a beautiful, central community gathering place. Listen closely to many local residents and you will still hear these stories today. Its legacy included helping create the fire department located across the street, providing a faith home, and caring for each other spiritually, emotionally, and creatively.

The church helped start Glenwood Arts before closing. Glenwood Arts successfully engaged a larger, more diverse population of the North Shore through cooperative, creative community events and projects. Unfortunately, the existing church congregation did not have the means left to help facilitate this new venture.

The Long Island Presbytery, current owner of the church property, sought a partnership to avoid being forced to quickly sell to the highest bidder, earning some developer a quick profit, unknown future for the building and property values, and loss of a historical communal gathering place. Instead the Long Island Presbytery reached out to United Adult Ministries (UAM), a non-profit that “offers older adults hope, through expanding opportunities and practical services, to live confidently in today’s world.” UAM, originating in 1916 by eight Brooklyn women to care for mothers widowed by World War I, agreed to partner and envision new uses for the property.

The focus quickly became to repurpose the unique space, honoring its past, by resurrecting a communal refuge from home and work. A nonsectarian place to harness community talents and passions to be more inclusive, collaborative, and diverse than is possible for just a single place of faith. A commitment was made to renovate several sections of the building for immediate use and recast the old building as the Glenwood Life Center (GLC).

                                              "A collaborative community space to intersect with neighbors                                                   through the arts, wellness, spirituality, and understanding."

What has happened and continues to happen at the Glenwood Life Center is quite remarkable. Many local neighbors, organizations, and entrepreneurs have become co-authors of the Glenwood Life Center's unique development , growth, and culture. Together we seek to invigorate the soul through community connectedness and assist in overcoming isolation and fears that hinder people. Together we create a safe place to try new ideas, experiment, examine tough, sensitive topics, and seek life-giving solutions. Together we empower people to be creative, as individuals and in collaboration with others. Together we are building collaborative community by sharing our passions for the benefit of the larger community. Together we engage a diverse, intergenerational crossection of the community. Together we are creating a place where neighbors can slow down, intersect, know and be known. Together we promote a healthier neighborhood, North Shore, and more understanding world. Come join us soon!




Nancy Rojas

Glenwood Life Center



Nancy manages the GLC building development, through ongoing renovations, as well as the progress towards a sustainable business plan, ongoing budget, and strategic partners. Vice President of Marketing & Business Development for United Adult Ministries (UAM) and Flushing House, with over 20 years of experience, Nancy has been honored by NYAHSA for her outstanding dedication to older adults. Nancy's leading the expansion of UAM's mission of service from Queens to Long Island through the GLC.

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