$60 per year

Allows indviduals to access and use GLC spaces for coworking, community groups, professional workshops, or a private one-time event.


Community Groups

Starting at $15/hr

Allows an individual or organization, not profiting from GLC by charging partcipants, to have a meeting, provide a service, run a workshop, lead a support group, pursue a hobby, etc... for the benefit of building collaborative community at GLC for the North Shore.

Professional Workshops

Starting at 25/hr

Allows an entrepreneur or organization, profiting from using GLC by charging partcipants, to take risks, act on an idea or dream, and pursue their passion. GLC provides an affordable, supportive, and collaborative environment for leaders to build collabrative community at GLC for the North Shore.



No openings currently.

Two kinds of coworking, permanent in a private office and mobile in community areas.

Private Event

Starting at $500/4hrs

Rent GLC space for a private one-time event, wedding, baby shower, birthday, or family gathering.

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